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Advance payment for a month brings a special combination of discounts and treatments.

Tranquility & Serenity

€132.72/1000 HRK
4 individualized sound massage treatments according to the P. Hess method

Creative relaxation

172.54 €/1300 HRK

Art workshop (individualized approach)  - 4x/2 h

(8 hours per month)

Individualized sound massage according to the P. Hess method - 3x/1h

Individualized sound bath - 1x/1h


Time for me

212.36 €/1600 HRK

Individualized sound massage - 3x/1h

Art and sound therapy (spontaneous artistic expression through drawing with sound bowls) - 1x/2h

Sound massage and counseling - 1x/1h

Art drawing workshop - topic - healing hands - 1x/2h

A combination of treatments by appointment!

The offer includes:

  • Individualized  sound massage

  • Sound massage and counseling

  • Sound bath

  • Guided meditation with the use of sound

  • Art drawing workshops

  • Educational art workshops

  • Drawing art workshops - theme: healing hands

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