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Gordana Krot

The journey and development started in 1995, where I practiced martial arts and therapeutic techniques, dancing with Tihana Škrinjarić. 

In order to better understand myself, and then others, by applying various techniques from the fields of dance, art, therapeutic skills, sound... I try to improve my knowledge in order to help people in empowering themselves, finding new things, supporting development and growth. Each program is adapted to the individual, but also to the group - for the purpose of betterment, health and self-care.

I am a licensed member of HUPED as an intuitive energy-spiritual healer.
I improved my knowledge by going through educations:

  • EFT,

  • TFT,

  • NLP (G. Nicholls, Priority Academy)

  • Life Coach and Art therapy (V. Hawkins, N. Rivera - Transformation Academy),

  • Meditation teacher/practitioner (G. Nicholls, Priority Academy)

  • Preclinical and clinical medicine (D. Ropac at HUPED)

  • Peter Hess sound massages,

  • Basics of gong playing and application in sound therapy (S. Leskovar and M. Maksimović),

  • Peter Hess Klik - sound pedagogy,

  • Application of sound,

  • Neurology and psychosomatics 1&2.

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