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Center for improving the quality of life

Get stronger.
Get more passion.
Make a life you want.

Getting to know yourself, strengthening and healthy core of an individual - is one of the most beautiful experiences.

The key to life is in your hands.

What are you waiting for?

Get started today!

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Educational workshop
Sound check

Appointments available live, but also online!

Get to know us!


Various individual and group activities, work with adults and children.

Empowering an individual, supporting a child's development, relaxing or having fun participating in an art workshop?

Buddhist Singing Bowl

Sound massages

Immerse yourself in relaxing moments using the sound of sound bowls according to the P. Hess method.


Activation of inner knowledge

Initial & advanced group program for getting to know yourself better. Use various tools & improve your life.


EFT - hooponopono

A method of relaxation with sound.

Kids Drawing

Children's programs

Group programs for our loved ones.
Sound & play to strengthen your core, connect with yourself & others, 
and much more.

Drawing & Coloring

Spontaneous drawing

Antistress & relaxation program.  Find your potential, relax, have fun & let go of what you no longer need!

Child's Pose

Kundalini Yoga

 The effectiveness and prevalence of yoga and its practices is already well known to everyone.


Do you want to get to know your body, exercise, have fun and relax at the same time?


Kundalini Laganini helps to discover and connect with inner forces through spontaneity and experience, allowing us to discover our potentials. 

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Individual programs

Individual programs for growth within.

Get to know us!

Discover yourself and accept new things.

Every beginning can be scary and awkward, but yours doesn't have to be. Explore programs for beginners - online or on location and dare to step into betterment for yourself - for yourself.

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Programs that you can take at your convenience, in the comfort of your own home.
Dive in and get to know yourself and your life in a new and unique way.

For order information, contact

21 days of meditation and 21 days of novelty are programs designed in such a way that in addition to the work diary, exercises and notes, the participant also has a final free consultation with the head of the Center.

During the duration of the program, the head of the Center is available to the participant via e-mail.

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